About Concerto

For the longest time, only multinational companies were involved in multijurisdictional matters and big law firms were exclusively serving these needs.

As the way of doing business is continuously evolving in the twenty first century, small and medium size businesses are offered tremendous opportunities across the world. Consequently, their need to have access to high quality international legal services has increased.

«Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternative – choice not chance, determines your destiny.»

What makes us different?

Small and medium size businesses are offered tremendous opportunities across the world. Consequently, their need to have access to high quality international legal services has increased, while they can seldom afford legal fees charged by multinational law firms.

As these companies expect their legal counsels to accompany them all along the way where new opportunities take them, legal counsels are thereby required to understand and combine said opportunities, the business of their clients and the applicable laws with regard to international transactions in order to advice and make choices in the best interests of their clients.

With Concerto Members, our clients are getting the best of both world

A personal, highly skilled relationship within an autonomous, well renowned and human-size law firm combined with a broad international perspective that is so crucial in today’s world. It is a powerful combination !

What does it practically mean for you as a client?

If your business requires an international legal support, your lawyer, with whom you have been doing business for many years, will work closely with a colleague lawyer from Concerto network based in the concerned country. Your lawyer remains your privileged contact during the entire process.

Through your lawyer, you consequently have access to a team of experienced attorneys at law, part of Concerto, having the necessary expertise to achieve your goals on the international markets.

In doing so, the members of Concerto, are able to offer high-quality international services without having to each maintain expensive staff along with heavy costs. Each Concerto law firm is autonomous and well renowned, serving small and medium size companies in its respective country on 4 continents:  Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

And we are growing…

Practice areas

Corporate law



property law

Labour & social security law

Public and administrative law

Tax law

Real Estate Law

Sectors & industries

The law firms members of Concerto have developed expertise and are used to working in numerous sectors and industries such as:

Our core values

Client focus

Concerto members are all human-size legal offices. We all share the same commitment to deliver the highest personalized level of service and it is our pride and duty to work with a strong client-driven approach. This means, amongst others:

  • Carefully listening to and relentlessly focusing on our
    client’s needs
  • Thinking strategically and globally to provide our clients with the best tailored solution.


More than a simple fact, it is s state of mind:

  • Teamwork amongst lawyers working in a given office
  • Teamwork amongst lawyers from different Concerto’s offices when the case we deal with requires international action
  • Teamwork with you, our clients, to make sure we are constantly aligned with your needs

Ethics & quality

No compromise of any kind about ethics and quality of service, period.